The SUP Board
Lunker Lander

Never Lose a Big Fish Again.


The SUP Lunker Lander fish cradle is a revolutionary new way to land fish from virtually any Stand-Up Paddle Board. This hands free net bridges the gap between water and craft, allowing you to easily land and safely handle your fish. The netting material allows for water to pass through freely, permitting the fish to stay submerged while you get your camera ready for that epic photograph. Now you can reduce the stress on the fish and also the fisherman, confidently knowing you won’t loose that once in a lifetime fish.

The SUP Lunker Lander attaches to each board through the use of the SUP Fishing Console, although a stand alone version is currently being designed for a future release.



  • SUP Lunker lander northern

  • SUP lunker lander Jack
  • sea trout under the flap of SUP lunker lander
  • SUP lunker lander stowed out of the way


– Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel
– Anodized Aluminum
– UV Resistant Marine Grade Plastic
– Easily Measure Fish up to 50″ in the Water
– Allows for Safe Handling and Reduces Fish Stress
– Great for Catch and Release Fisherman
– Handle Toothy and Spiny Fish with Confidence
– Front Flap Helps Contain the Fish
– Stows Easily and out of the way when paddling
– Keep Both Hands on your Rod| Land your Fish Gently
– Attaches via The SUP Fishing Console

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