How it all Began
The One That Got Away

September 2014

It was a crisp morning in September, I was just picking up my first paddle board, eagerly forcing my way through a narrow swamp channel into a “secret lake”. The excitement of paddle fishing for me was being able to access these untouched back waters. I could go exploring in new areas that eluded boat fisherman. I broke free from the marsh and placed my first cast to an open pocket in the dense forest of lily pads. Instantly, a large wake formed and darted toward my lure. As the water erupted, I set the hook and began getting pulled behind as the fish started swimming for deeper water. It was at that moment I knew paddle fishing was my new passion.

He was dragging me all over the little lake. The fish repeatedly made powerful runs stripping line from my reel. As he was beginning to tire, I worked him closer to the board. I could see that it was a northern pike measuring nearly 40 inches! Having no more than a paddle, tackle box, and the fishing rod in my hand, I was wondering how I was going to win this battle with this toothy giant.

On three separate occasions he was within my reach, but he was too big to grab with one hand while balancing. In the end, I made one final effort to get a handle on the fish without falling in or getting bitten. He turned to look at me, laughed aloud, and spit the hook in my face. Being a hobby inventor who loves to create, I knew instantly what I was going to build when I got home … the first prototype of the Lunker Lander!


  • First paddle fishing design with floats
  • Paddle fishing console prototypes
  • First paddle fishing lunker lander prototype
  • Testing the paddle fishing rig prototype in florida


The project began with inventor Erik Olsen’s desire for the challenge of catching a muskellunge and other big fish from a paddle board. “I wanted to create an easy and safe way to catch, handle, and release large fish from small craft without putting the fish or myself in danger.”

The road to development has been long and challenging. Three years and countless hours of designing, building, testing, and redesigning have cycled through a number of hand crafted prototypes. Hence, I have gone from version 1 to version 7.0. Many rickety early versions of the Lunker Lander have graced the waters of WI and Florida. As a result, what began as an awkward, heavy apparatus composed of wood is much lighter and more user friendly. Now, it’s an all in one console with offshoots for a number of additional useful and innovative products for paddle-sports. The Lunker Lander kayak version is one such adaptation. Kayak anglers can enjoy the ease of sliding a big fish into a hands free cradle for a successful landing.

Many ideas are still in the works. Also, keep an eye out for a steady stream of new products in the near future.

About Us

Paddle Fishing Systems is a startup venture born from a passion for fishing, creating, and a loe for the outdoors. Founded by enthusiast and inventor Erik Olsen in a garage in Lake Mills WI following his dream of making ideas into products. The PFS universal accessories are aimed at improving the experience of paddle fishing for anyone on any paddle craft. These are just the begining and many more innovative new products are already in the works! Each idea has been developed from thought concept to functional prototype and perfected through extensice testing and development. The first round of production is underway and expected to be ready for delivery in spring of 2018. We hope you enjoy these innovative products as much as we do!

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